Green Acres School

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297 Thomas Street, South Cummingsburg,
Georgetown, Guyana
Tel: +592-225-3583 / +592-225-5568
Email: rhonda_singh2000@yahoo.com

History of the School

On the 4th January, 1994, the doors of the Green Acres Play School were opened at the Central Baptist Church Building on 65 Brickdam and Louisa Road, Georgetown. The Principal was Mrs. Marilyn Green while Miss. Shawndel Gonsalves was employed as the sole teacher followed by four other teachers.

The enrollment of the Play School was 2 children, and at the end of the school term we had 5 more children. For the second term we had 13 children. A great emphasis was placed then on prayer and dependence on God for guidance. To God be the glory for its success, for the September term we had 100 children.

Personal Observation

Health - Much care is taken at the Play School to see that all facilities are cleaned and healthy at all times. It is our belief that good health is an indispensable part of any child’s development. A special effort will be made to teach good health habits and practices to the children.

- The aids are colourful, the symbols could be seen from afar. Mobiles are used, some hanging and others placed on the wall.

- Through playing I observe that the children interact with each other very well, it would also help them to express themselves individually.

I observe the children are always excited to sing and clap their hands to their school songs, repeating their rhymes, alphabet and vowel songs, among other things.

Out-door activity- the children enjoy the outdoor activities, since it includes their co-operation, their growth motor skills, and independency could be seen as the children play.

Snack Time- The children usually say their prayer, before eating their snack. The teachers would assist in opening the children’s bags, bowls and bottles.

Teacher and student relationship- The Headmistress and teachers are committed and dedicated, and find great satisfaction and enjoyment in dealing with the kids. The teachers treat the children with love and affection one to another. The children would return that love to the teachers.

Peer Relationship- The children co-operate with each other, by playing sharing and loving each other. Also by showing concern if a friend is crying or hurt.

Teacher to Teacher Relationship – Teachers would communicate constantly with each other in the performance of their duties and share values and show respect to each other. By doing so they builded a family life relationship

P.T.A- The school has a very vibrant Parent Teacher’s Association, which the parents and teachers are very active in. They meet once per term.

Presently there is a:
• Playschool Department
• Nursery Department
• Primary Department comprising of 6 grades

The curriculum includes Spanish which is taught to the Play, Nursery and Primary Departments. Religious Knowledge is also through out the Nursery and Primary Department. Play School Bible Club Sessions are held on Thursday.

• Extra Curricular Activities

Physical Education School Fair
Dance Athletic Sports
Drama Christmas Concert
Out door Games – Football and Cricket
Mashramani Celebrations
Graduations & Prize Giving Ceremonies

Green Acres Celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year.

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