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81, Fourth Avenue, Subryanville,
Tel: +592-225-8574
Fax: +592-225-2375
Email: pgsguyana@yahoo.com

Professional Guard Service Inc. was formed on April 14, 1983, our objective being to provide Guyana with a top quality service, based on those already operating in Canada and the USA.

Prospective ranks are thoroughly screened and once recruited, are provided with training in the various aspects of security provision. Security personnel attending training sessions are paid double time.

PGS runs a 24-hour monitoring operation and a 24-hour relay station, along with three separate Armed Emergency Response Units on each shift. These Units are ready to lend critical support to any Rank who calls for assistance in the event of a possible criminal attack, or if their Site is on fire. All of our sites are inspected on a 24-hour basis.

In addition to all the various aspects of security provided, clients are also assured of the very best in service in the following critical areas:

    - Cash transport: We provide Armed Cash Transport in Guyana. ACT teams are exposed to continuous training / refresher courses four (4) times per year.

    - Radio contact: Ranks are in constant contact with our Radio Room Operatives who provide a 24-hour service. These operatives are fully trained professionals.

    - Tracking: PGS has the ability to track and monitor vehicles and other assets using the latest in GPS and GSM technologies. Daily reports are sent to clients computer or telephone.

    - Armed / Unarmed guards: All guards are trained and are exposed to continuous training. Ranks are supported by the Radio Room Operatives on a 24-hour basis. RR Operatives are on hand to deploy additional Ranks if the need arises.

At the Professional Guard Service we appreciate the value of our employees. As such we are constantly recognizing their efforts at making this company even better. We believe in teamwork! Let our team provide you with the best security Guyana has to offer. Welcome to PGS! .

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