Calabash Gift Shoppe

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61, Hadfield and Cross Sts Werk-en-Rust,
Tel: +592-226-1370
Fax: +592-226-1398
Email: calabashgiftshoppe@hotmail.com

‘Hand wash hand mek hand come clean’ --- we shall work together as one for the benefit of the Group.

The Calabash Gift Shoppe, a partnership between Nigel Hughes, a Lawyer, Elizabeth Deane-Hughes, a qualified Lawyer and Artist for in excess of fourteen years, and Arthur Thijm, a qualified Social Worker and full-time Artist for in excess of twenty-five years showcases the various talents and creativity of a range of Guyanese artists and artisans. The products range from mosaic handcrafted nirrors, rare wood pens, unique pottery and chimes to recycled glass, beaded and sterling silver jewellery.

Some of the objectives of the Calabash Gift Shoppe are:-
  *  To promote and encourage creativity in Artisans and Artists
  *  Creating and harnessing the skills of Artisans and Artists whose items are sold in the Shoppe
  *  Providing a sustainable livlihood for Artists and Artisans who supply the Shoppe
  *  Developing with the Artists and Artisans unique products that are exclusive to the Shoppe
  *  Branding and marketing Calabash Gift Shoppe products
  *  Marketing these items both in and out of Guyana
  *  Merchandising the products in a creative and natural environment
  *  Hosting workshops
  *  Hosting exhibitions
  *  Joining and networking with national and international organizations
  *  Providing a forum for interaction and cross-fertilization of ideas

In September 2006, Calabash Gift Shoppe was appointed an official ICC CWC WI 2007 licensee, thus authorized to manufacture and distribute wooden and bamboo souvenirs, cloth and leather bags, haversacks and other items bearing the official CWC 2007 trademarks. At the end of 2006, Calabash Gift Shoppe became an official retailer of Cricket World Cup 2007 souvenirs and apparel. These items are on sale at its location --- Clarence House, 61 Hadfield and Cross Sts, Werk-en-Rust, Georgetown, Guyana.

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