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34, Norton & Bishop Sts, Werk-en-Rust,
Tel: +592-225-7201 / +592-227-3214
Fax: +592-227-5022
Email: deanm127@hotmail.com

Gaskin & Jackson Jewellers is a company that was established in 1969 by Herman G. Gaskin and Elric A. Jackson.

The company has a rich history of being Guyana’s leading jewellers for many years. It is now managed by Dean M. Jackson, the son of the late Elric Jackson.

We pride ourselves in creating timeless pieces of treasure for all our customers, and it is said that at Gaskin & Jackson we not only make fine jewellery, but we create a tradition, and it has become a household name in Guyana and around the world. When you hear the name Gaskin & Jackson, right away “Quality” comes to mind.

At Gaskin & Jackson we work in 12K, 14K,18K and 22K gold as well as silver. We also work with diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones. We are known to have made (and continue to make) fine pieces for many Heads-of-State, Dignitaries, Politicians, Members of Government, CEOs, friends and families. We have a very diverse and broad customer base and we cater from the smallest of jobs to the largest.

We have our own designs, but we can also create pieces for a customer who has his / her own ideas. Come in and talk with our well-trained staff and we can have ‘your’ creation ready for you within 48 hours (depending on the job). Other jobs can be finished within 24 hours or less and we can guarantee that you get the best quality and finish at all times. We also cater for repairs and cleaning of jewellery which can be done the same day.

You can give us a call at any time and we will be willing to listen to and to advise you on how best we could be of service to you.

Gaskin & Jackson --- a timeless tradition.

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